Updated Thursday March 1, 2018 by Linda Nunnally.

                             RULE AND POLICY CHANGES FOR 2018


The Age Policy will be as follows:

The 2018 Dixie Softball board of directors made the following decision concerning the September 1 age cutoff date:  For the 2018 Dixie Softball season, the age cutoff date will remain on January 1.  In other words, no change from the 2017 season; however, beginning with the 2019 season the age cutoff date for ALL age divisions will be September 1.

Policy and Rule Changes for the 2018 Dixie Softball season are as follows:

  1.  A national director, who is either elected to a full three (3)-year term or is appointed to fill an unexpired term, shall be allowed to complete the term.  If, after the term is completed, a state does not meet the criteria to sustain a national director, the position will be left open until such time a state meets the criteria to obtain a national director.
  2.  The national president is assigned to form a committee to present to the Dixie Softball national board of directors a policy concerning firearms at all games and functions of Dixie Softball.  Note:  Terry stated that each state’s policy regarding firearms would need to be reviewed as Tennessee’s policy would have to be restricted to the playing field.
  3.  Beginning with the 2018 Dixie Softball season, two additional scholarships will be presented.
  4.  In SWEETEES X-play only (not SweeTees Traditional) the ten (10)-foot arc shall not be used; any batted ball, regardless of distance traveled that remains in fair territory shall be ruled “fair.”
  5.  Anyone whose 20th birthday falls on or after Jan. 1 of the current calendar year shall be eligible to compete in and complete the current Dixie Softball DEBs’ season.
  6.  Page 4 Boundaries, Article V, Section A - delete the period in the last sentence and add the following:  only if one of her parents or a guardian works for the school system in which she attends.
  7. The level 5 ball for the SweeTees will be replaced with the .47 core ball.  The level 5 ball (unused stock) may be used for local league play but all district, state and world series tournaments will be played with the .47 core ball.