Updated Friday March 23, 2018 by Linda Nunnally.


You missed it.  .  .the 2018 Tennessee State meeting!  One hundred nineteen (119) people were in attendance at the General Meeting consisting of Dixie Softball, Dixie Youth and Dixie Majors/Dixie Boys (called to order at 9:30 am.   Recognization was given for the following awards:  Hall of Fame - Lewis County; Tim Neely Memorial Scholarship - Caitlin Mae Crump (McEwen - District 3); Gordon L. Hobbs Spirit Award - Mike Pryor (Ashland City - District 4); Yvonne L. Bright Dixie Softball Leadership Award - Terry Martin (District 7 Director);  and 25 years of service - Arnold King - Darlings Commissioner. 

The three groups separated into their respective groups (10:06 am) with sixty-one (61) people in attendance in Dixie Softball.  Twenty-six (26) leagues were in attendance with 26 leagues being eligible to vote.  Madison South league won high attendance with five (5) attendees.

The 2018 rule changes were reviewed.  Congratulations were offered to the District, State and World Series champions, runner-ups and sportsmanship. Wayne County Debs were runners-up in the 2017 World Series!   It was brought to the attention of the group that Franchise Application/Renewal form is available on the Dixie Softball National website ( 

An interactive boundary map is being developed so Leagues can go to Google Maps and select the TN DSI map


 This will give individuals the location of their homes in regard to which district their address falls in. Got questions, ask Lee Overstreet, Dist. 4 Director.

This is the rotational schedule for state tournaments for the next three (3) years:

                                 TN STATE TOURNAMENT ROTATION SCHEDULE

                            Division          2019          2020             2021

                           SweeTees     Dist. 4/5      Dist. 8         Dist. 7/6

                            Darlings        Dist. 8        Dist. 7/6      Dist. 3

                            Angels *       Dist. 7/6      Dist. 3         Dist. 1

                            Ponytails       Dist. 3        Dist. 1         Dist. 2

                            Belles            Dist 1         Dist. 2         Dist. 4/5

                            Debs              Dist 2         Dist. 4/5      Dist. 8

                         * SweeTees, Angels & Ponytails include Traditional & X-Play

ALL 2018 World Series will be played in Alexandria, LA beginning on July 28.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:59 am.